Billy for Texas Governor

Common Sense Solutions
Standing Up for Texas Values
Proven Leader for Texas

About the Issues

I will fight for a plan that will help fix are Roads, Highways and Bridges
in a way that will get them done faster and on budget plus he will have a
person who knows what he or she is doing.

I will be a fighter and Champion for Common Sense Reforms to Education plus
he will work with School Districts to come up with better ways to teach are kids
and young people in this State.

I will be a Champion for Businesses in this State by Cutting Taxes
and Cutting Red Tape that hurts and kills Jobs, he will also Bring
Back to Texas. 

I am the only person in Texas who can finally make are Border
Safe and Put Together a Plan to Truly Secure the Border without
adding to the Budget.

I will be asking State House and Senate to Vote for the $15 Million
Dollars to finally Build the Housing Project that will help over 300
Veterans in Texas get off the Streets and have a place to live.

I will be a Champion for Ranchers and Farmers in this State
because he knows what they need and he will be that person
who will stand up for them in Austin.